Copper aluminum terminal lugs/Copper aluminum joint

Our copper to aluminum transition plates can be processed into many products for use in electrical equipment.Such as:copper aluminum joint,it can be used as a conductor material on electrical equipment.

copper aluminum washer joint

In general, aluminum is used in high-voltage lines and copper is used in low-voltage distribution cabinet systems.Aluminum and copper are not directly connected, and copper aluminum joint allow secure and reliable connection of copper and aluminum conductors.

The traditional copper clad aluminum joints are not very good in mechanical properties,reliability and electrical conductivity,and there are potential safety hazards.

copper aluminum terminal lugs

For this reason, our company has developed copper aluminum terminal lugs,copper aluminum washer and so on.They are widely used in the power industry, which not only improves product quality, but also reduces production costs. It is an ideal copper aluminum joint product.

Our copper aluminum joints have the following characteristics:

1.The product has high composite strength.

2.High conductivity.

3.High mechanical strength.

4.Strong stability.

5.The density is small.

6.Save costs and resources.